5 Things to Know About Rose Gold

The twenty-teens will be known for their love of all things blush; copper kitchen accessories, rosé wine, blush hued sweaters, and of course, rose gold.

When my fiancé was picking out my engagement ring (and mentioning types of stones and metals "nonchalantly") we decided rose gold was the best bet; it was trendy and feminine, but not super stark like platinum or too jarring on my skin like gold. The perfect color. Now, 7 months into having my ring I feel like I've learned so much about this precious metal! And with that, I'm here to share what I've found!

things to know about rose gold
  1. Rose Gold may turn your finger gray. "whaaaa!? I thought that only happened with cheap costume jewelry!" is what you much be thinking. I thought so too and was very nervous the first few times it happened to me. But no, it's true. Rose gold has a lot of copper in it, which gives it the pink hue. When the copper mixes with the oils on your skin, and in some lotions and salts, it breaks down the little metal particles leaving you with the ring or spot of gray. It's totally normal and nothing to freak out about! It is just something that comes with the territory of wearing rose gold.
  2. Rose Gold is a very soft metal. All that copper and other fine metals may make it look pretty and feminine, but the metal takes a beating too. Imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning to my ring bend oblong-ly around my finger! I immediately took it to a jeweler who quickly rounded the shape back out. Rose gold is the easiest to bend and mold to new shapes; that being said, don't wear it while you sleep, do dishes, exercise, etc. And if you do, don't fret! Bring it to a jeweler and they can have it back to new within 5 minutes!
  3. Rose Gold compliments all skin tones. Think you don't have the skin for gold? think again - rose gold looks good on any skin tone making it a great piece for everyone from pale skin to melanin queens. I just love it! Especially if you want to buy a piece to share - or buy pieces for your whole squad - rose gold is the way to go.
  4. Rose Gold is not non-allergenic! If you're someone with sensitive skin, unfortunately rose gold is not for you. Since it is a mixed metal gold (mixed with the aforementioned copper and sometimes additional metals) it is likely that you will have a reaction. If you're a sensitive one, stick with gold or sterling silver.
  5. Rose Gold looks expensive, but is actually cheaper than silver, gold, or platinum. If you're looking for something fun and meaningful (engagement ring or other jewelry) it's nice to not have to pay exorbinant costs for something fun yet regal.

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