Experience: Norwegian Charm in Upstate New York

When heading upstate New York you think of the picturesque rolling mountains of the Catskills alive with the changing colors of fall. Our trip upstate had all of that and then some.

We booked an AirBnB for the weekend that boasted a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic, complete with an included breakfast. A true bed and breakfast with nearly 500 5-Star reviews, we knew this stay would be wonderful but we truly didn't know the extent of just how amazing the trip would be.

Norwegian Charm in Upstate NY
Hygge Home
Friendly Dogs (not scandinavian) in upstate NY
Norwegian Charm
Norwegian Charm in NY
Charming AirBnB in Upstate NY
Upstate of Mind

It's safe to say that our trip Upstate was nothing short of relaxing, from the fresh Voss water to the expertly prepared and well explained breakfast. I definitely got into the Upstate of Mind. Want to too? Book with Troy over on AirBnB for your own experience!

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