Experience: The Standard High Line

You know that view, that one that's all over Pinterest whenever you search for "NYC Skyline"? Floor to ceiling windows, a soaker tub with a view of the Empire State Building? Yeah, that one.

I'd always looked at those photos, even when I lived in New York City, and thought "now THAT is luxury; that is living, that is GOALS." I loved taking the D train from Brooklyn everyday just to get a glimpse of the city that had my heart, or sit in the windows of the shops above Union Square and just take it all in. Now that I'd been gone three and a half years I knew I had to make the best of our trip back; to show Z the best parts of the city that raised me. We found a great deal with The Standard High Line, home of the ubiquitous "#viewsgoals" and patiently waited six months for our anniversary trip to arrive. The whole time I dreamt of the bubble baths to be had in our corner king suite, reminiscing about wild nights I'd spent at the BoomBoom Room, and pretzels after shows during Fashion Week at The Standard Biergarten. I talked the city up to Z; the pizza, the pasta, the drinks, my friends that still managed to be there. And then, finally, our trip came.

We arrived to our room Friday night, the city alive with the bridge and tunnel crowds of tourists (of which I suppose we are now a part of). The view from our room was breathtaking but would have to be enjoyed in the morning. It was Friday night after all, and there was liquor to be drank! We hit up my old favorites, as well as sitting beneath the heat lamps in rockers feigning life among the Swiss Alps on The Standard Patio.

The next morning was when the real magic of The Standard started setting in. We woke up to the sun rising above the skyline, breakfast in bed via room service, and then a nice long soak in that beautiful tub ofmy dreams.

breakfast in bed

Want more? Check out the full youtube video (I know the sound gets wonky - but I'm still learning and appreciating all the joys that come with that!)!

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