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rose beauty products

Spring is around the corner; the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom here in DC and barring last week's snowstorm the weather has picked up too. Per the usual spring trends, florals will be huge, but they're starting to invade more than just our cotton dresses. The past couple years there's been an uptick in all things pink - rose gold, rose wine, and rose beauty products. Today I'm sharing my fave rose beauty products to prep your skin for spring!

  1. Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Face Mist - this product is as much a design minimalists dream as it is a beach bum's. The light formula smells nice but not overpowering when sprayed on your face and it's perfect for a bit of moisture in a dry environment (here's looking at you office babes).
  2. Batisse Dry Shampoo in "Blush" - I clearly love dry shampoo as much as the next basic bitch, and the colors and scents are so fun! This one makes my hair smell wonderful and not too "clean" but just lightly floral. The best part - you can find it at TJ Maxx for quite cheap!
  3. Gourmand's Macaron Rose Lip Balm - I love this because it's almost like a salve; it smells nice and goes on smooth but not sticky. And the minimalist packaging doesn't hurt!
  4. Fresh Rose Face Mask - If you follow me on social media you know I'm a sucker for a face mask - this one has great exfoliating benefits and really leaves you feeling clean and new.

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