Roam : Work Out on The Go

There I was, arriving to the airport for my flight an hour early, when I checked in only to be told my flight was already running 4 hours late.

At the airport, with energy to burn and time to waste I stumbled upon a gleaming white beacon of hope. Roam was calling my name; I was intrigued, and the more I learned I became hooked and entranced.

Roam Fitness Airport Gym
Airport Gym fitness

Lucky for me, Roam contacted me to discuss their plans and invite me in to check out the space and GUYS.

WATCH OUT. Roam Fitness is the coolest idea I've come in contact with in years; a post-security gym installation that takes care of everything for you. They have treadmills, they have bikes, they have free weights, they have mats... You can rent clothes, shoes, towels, lockers (with charging ports!), and even just rent the shower if you need to freshen up, complete with Malin + Goetz shampoo, conditioner, and soaps. They have extended sizing and styles for both men and women from cult-fitness gurus, Lulu Lemon and Brooks Running Shoes. In addition, Roam can vacuum seal any used clothing so it doesn't stink up your carry on. SEE? LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

fitness at the airport

The good news - if you're flying through BWI Airport in Baltimore you can get in on this location for $25 a day, or if it's your home airport you can have a yearly pass for $350, or pay monthly at $100 a month.

The bad news - It's only in BWI right now. With plans to launch in more cities though, I can see myself using Roam everywhere I go (and with the uptick in my new business venture Shop The City, I see many many airports in my future!)

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