Monthly Musings Vol. 11

Monthly Musings Vol. 11
firs time seeing the ocean

What a month March has been! I'm down to less than 6 months before my wedding, spring is making its grand appearance, and the world is awakening from it's odd little winter. Here's what I've been loving this month!


  1. On International Woman's Day (and the Day Without Women protest and march) a trillionaire (yeah, you read that right) paid homage to the defiant young girl in all of us.
  2. In February we had our first AirBnB guest who brought her own pet; a senior Chihuahua named Captain. While our animals are rambunctious they were totally sweet with him, inspiring us into thinking maybe we should adopt an older dog and give it the best possible end of their life. Apparently, many others are having the same idea and it's beautiful.
  3. And with lots of dogs comes lots of belly rubs (obviously).  Accept this link as an apology for making you tear up with the last one.
  4. I grew up with a beach house, summers frolicking in the salty ocean water. To try to imagine never having scene it is mind boggling, so I really am moved by these images of people experiencing the ocean for the first time.
  5. QUIZ TIME. I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan and TBH am a little embarrassed by my score on this....
  6. I totally think The Kattarshians are better than the Kardashians, but maybe I'm just biased. Either way, this is just as entertaining.
  7. Spinach is a heart healthy vegetable, we know that. But now, it could save your life by Becoming your heart. SCIENCE IS AWESOME GUYS.
  8. Fashion month was last month but the inspiration to be gained is still going strong. I'm totally loving this hilare spoof of Planet Earth via W Magazine.
  9. Speaking of YouTube, I've started doing videos! Click here to check out my channel and don't forget to subscribe! I'm hoping to do one video a week (including a monthly "what I Wore" recap) but we'll see what I can muster!

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