Ellada Salon + Spa

For some girls, it's their hair, for others it's make up, and for others, it's the nails. I'm a nails girl; I can totally go two years without getting my tresses touched, but I love to indulge in a good manicure. My go-to spot? Ellada Salon and Spa.

Every fifth Saturday I wake up at 8am, drive an hour from my Washington DC home to Reston, Virginia, and spend the following four hours across from Irina getting my nails touched up. Why do I go so far? Well, the service and expertise at Ellada is completely unrivaled. Working with Irina, she completely gets that I love being a "trendy" girl; and she knows all the coolest nail trends. She creates the nail from scratch using a gel agent, perfectly shapes them, and then gets to work on the design. My friends and I love to add some glam to our nails, and Irina's use of Swarovski crystals is stunning.

Marble Mani from Ellada Salon
Matte Black and gold nail design
Mermaid irridescent nails

Want to try out Ellada for yourself? Mention my name and get 10% off your first service - and it doesn't have to be nails, it can be a spa service or hair too!

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