Monthly Musings Vol. 1

Alright Y'all, it's time. Many bloggers have been doing weekly link ups to start their Friday's off. That's fun and all, and I absolutely LOVE reading them! They're always full of light and inspiring reads I may not have initially found. I've always been a list-er. I make to-do lists, curate lists of my favorite places for people to see in new cities, and ever since we've started dating I've been making fun little email lists for my beau to read.

Now, I want to share some with you (since sometimes my guy is not the most appreciative of these aesthetically envy-inducing shares). So welcome to a new *monthly* feature of monthly musings from around the internet! I hope you enjoy, and find some great things along the way!

  1. The above bar? It's from Viviane Beverly Hills and as soon as I saw it I was like "but baaabe, why can't we have marble walls AND countertops in our home??!" Someday, my walls, someday....
  2. I know I'm personally really lucky to have my own walk in closet at home, but Chiara Ferragni's "bursting at the seams" wardrobe is just ENVY
  3. I just discovered Sugar & Cloth and it is everything my home and life wants to be. #blogcrush
  4. Note To Self: Cultivate more good habits
  5. I think I need to commission a few of these and get some good art of my fur babies!
  6. Anti-Aging Gin? I mean, COME ON. Sign me up!
  7. Dear Travel Bucket List; you've just gotten longer.

wishlisting: This yoga mat would be a perfect statement for my Saturday Morning sesh.

Hope you all have a great May!

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