The Best Winter Candles

Holiday Candles Décor from Anthropologie If you ever come into my house you will probably first notice the exorbinant amount of candles. My silly boyfriend has a hard time walking into TJ Maxx or Anthropolgie and not buying a candle...As a result, our coffee table consistently has at least 4-5; our bookshelves house ones for décor and that are out of rotation, the dining room tends to have 8 (mostly tea lights), and the bedrooms have about 3 each. One thing you should know about me (that I'm thinking of adding to all my social media profiles) is that I'm not your basic bitch. You won't find Bath & Body Works Candles or the latest sweet scents from Yankee Candle in my home. I do love Yankee Candle, but more for their few clean scents that have been my favorites for years and are good all year round.

Basic Bitching aside, WE LOVE CANDLES. Fall was all about "Peppered Citrus" and other crisp scents, but come winter we get really into the woody smells that remind us of a fire blazing or a piney tree. Here are our favorite picks for a festive home scent this winter!


1: Illume Mercury Moonglow Candle in "Fireside" This is the newest in our collection and it just smells like you want some spiked hot cocoa and a cozy blanket.

2. Caprie Blue Winter Wonder Candle in "Balsam Forest" All fall I've been hearing about girls wanting a candle that smells like a Christmas tree to make up for the fact of a fake tree. This one totally takes the cake in that realm of candles!

3. Diptyque in Vanilla The cult-favorite votive in a sugary scent reminds me of decorating sugar cookies when I was young-yum!

4. Byredo in Cardamome The spicy scent of cardamom evokes a need for mulled wine next to an open fire. I also love the minimalist design! and also the Byredo in Peyote; mmm smokey like a campfire within the safety of your warm home.

5. Jo Malone London in Incense and Embers Classic incense takes me back to Christmas Eve mass in old Roman Catholic Churches of my upbringing, holding a candle decorated with pine and holly.

6. Ebb and Flow in Juniper Clove Another mulled-wine reminiscent candle, this one comes in a gorgeous and well designed votive. A plus for branding, A plus plus for scent!

What are your favorite holiday scents? Tell me in the comments-I could always use more candles! :P

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